Free Real Estate Services?

I came across a situation that disturb me quite a bit today regarding the services rendered and paying its well deserving dues. A friend of mine, a realtor who was working with his client who needs to lease a 2 bedroom condo. He has been showing her many units but somehow could not find something suitable for her.

Based on my friend’s description, it appears to me that the tenant was a bit too choosy, typical Singaporean who wants deal to be cheap, big and a long list of wish list. Finally, he found her something matching and everything went on smoothly. During the signing of the Tenancy Agreement, when my friend took out the form on the brokerage fee for the tenant to sign, she got a shock and raise her voice that she was not told that his services needed to be paid. She insisted that she will not pay him and instantly decided not to accept the unit as my friend was unprofessional and unethical. He tried to explain but the tenant felt that it should be free.

I would like to address this issue for common understanding. Why is it that when services are rendered, tenants or buyers dun want to pay? It is just not right to push it to the seller or landlord and ask the broker to collect from landlord as tenant deemed that it has nothing got to do with her.

Let us take for example when we consult a doctor in the clinic. Do we ever bargain about the price or do we put up an act for not paying and claim that the doctor should collect his fees from someone else? Definitely NO! It is strange that we do not bargain if we go to the doctor or lawyer, but try all ways and means to slash the price when we are dealing with lay people on the aspect of real estate services. Is this fair and justifiable?

Real estate entrepreneurs do not have any CPF contributions and earn his living by commission earned from the deals. So I feel that it is doing injustice if such things happen in our industry. What do you feel about this? Thanks. Awesome! :)

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