Luxury Homes Trendy?

Since the implementation of the latest cooling measures by the government, many Singaporeans and even the expats expected the real estate market for private properties to head for a dip in prices. However, it chart did not seem to move in that direction. As seen in the latest Q3 results, there is an increase both in numbers and prices.

Investors who have the ability and appetite are moving towards the investment of luxury private properties. Even new launches with new high prices were in pretty good demand. How do we then explain the current real estate situation as many speculated? Perhaps, there is a need to understand the market a bit deeper, rather than following the trend or reaction as the general public. It is important to study and know why the market is moving this direction. Looking closer, you will realised that those projects that command higher price and demand usually belong to the prime or popular areas. While prices in the mass market region tend to be pretty constant or stable.

I have many clients who have been putting their real estate investment on hold, saying that the market will either dip or “crash” since last year, have been rather disappointed as their speculation was wrong. Many now regret that they either have to spend more investing in the same product or for some, cannot afford that investment anymore. I recon that many of such scenario contributed to listening to too much “noises” around them. Instead of listening to someone who invest in real estate, they prefer to listen to their friends, relatives, family and whoever they can ask and get their hands on. Think again. When was the last time those “advises” that you got from those coffee shop talk turn out to be correct? If people who do not invest can tell you when to buy and sell, then today we should have lots of millionaires walking around. Well, is the market really heading down trend? Probably, they may be in for more disappointment as it is likely to still be up trend… Awesome! :)

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  1. Kicker says:

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  2. Jack Yu says:

    Great post, Lawrence. I agree with you. The recently-introduced cooling measures have hardly created a dent in the luxury homes market. Transaction volumes may have come down somewhat, but prices have definitely not been affected much!

    • Thanks so much Jack for your comments. More updates to come on the global market and the current frenzy in Singapore. It is important to see the BIG picture and do the unconventional. Awesome!

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