Real Estate VS SGX Bubble In Singapore

Many are currently talking about the bull run of the real estate market in Singapore, thus making some wary of escalating prices would soon come to plateau and crashing down. While it is interesting to make a comment that prices will fall, many miss out the bigger picture of things, or should I say, being uninformed.

On the contrary, we have also seen the recent bull run in the SGX market. While we are excited that it has hit a new historical high, not many are saying that it may potentially be a bubble as well. Is it because many of us only want to hear what we want to hear from the ground, resulting in not painting a true picture of the real situation? It is important to always go for hard, physical asset instead of paper asset.  If the real estate market is going to crash tomorrow, we will still be having our cash-flow, while our stocks certificate become worth-less. Many of us may not have learned the real lessons during the 2008 financial melt-down. When we become greedy, it is time to exit (to sell in real estate). Similarly, when people are fearful, we should enter the market (invest in real estate).

The truth is not what is good to invest now, but how good a real estate investor you are. Awesome! :)

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