Professionalism Unlimited?

The real estate industry is currently undergoing a massive revamp to improve the professional image and its practices. While it is to address the issues of certain real estate agents for not being professional in their services and conduct, unethical practices, not providing proper market information and many other reasons, the real questions lies in the degree of how professional is professional enough of the standard carried out by any real estate agent?

The current “cleaning measures” are great to tighten the industry to eradicate the black sheep, but we also need to address the similar situation from the consumers who engage the real estate agents in the market.  We have seen and heard of incidences where a typical client engage a real estate agent to either sell or buy a property but only to realise that after spending much effort in research work, preparing comparison reports, conducting numerous viewings on different projects they ended up buying a property from someone else and not even responding to the agent who have been faithfully working with the client. Clients who do not turn up for viewing after appointment has been made. Who will address these issues? Of course not to mention that not a single cent was paid for the professional fee. He or she has to bear all the cost for the time and effort put in, petrol spent for the transportation for all the viewings (to the extent some clients need to be fetched). Can they complain? Is there an outlet for any recourse? Even the most professional service was rendered, it may be in vain. Worst is when they engage an agent to hunt for their dream home, they don’t pay. Why? Is this becoming our culture where services rendered need not be paid? Strangely, many real estate agents accept this.

We need to educate the public that it while the real estate agent put in his utmost for the client, they should also reciprocate to be loyal and not hopping around with so many agents. How can the real estate agents have the faith to put in 100% effort for the client, knowing that they may end up buying from someone else? This is a business and such abuse should not even happen.

Perhaps if the client can be more sincere and professional, then only will the real estate agents reciprocate. Otherwise, it would always be a one-sided story from the public. Real estate agents should also be protected in order to bring the entire industry to a higher level of professionalism. Awesome! :)

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