Value Or Service?

It is often said that good service is important from the customers’ point of view. This applies to all types of service industry. This is especially true in the fast pace,  society in Singapore, where many people do not have much patience to start off with. What they demand is speed and good service, ie. as long as “you get what I want”, it is regarded as good service. Perhaps, this is what our culture is.

Let’s explore the seldom talked about area of value adding to clients. Wouldn’t it be even better if we could add the element of value to the service? This is normally not mentioned as it requires more than just knowing what you should provide. Example, if a client engage you to look for a house for him with a certain price tag and you get him the house as requested, you are deemed as have provided “good service”.

On the other hand, if you could add the element of educating your client on the property market outlook, what type of houses and location to invest in, understand the best bank rates and how to get positive cash-flow and even advise your client not to buy or sell, you would be considered as a class higher than the majority as you would have deemed as have added value to your client. It is not just about making the money from him and not considering what is good for him at that point of time as far as real estate investment is concerned. I am sure you would agree with me as you may have come across many real estate agents in your own encounter, whether you needed one for your real estate needs. But I am certain that the moment you experience one that provides tremendous amount of value based on the details they explain to you or any other area concerning addressing your needs, you can pick it up almost instantly. Now that’s a WOW factor to compliment.

But alas, how many of such real estate professionals have you come across? Its kinda rare, but the moment you find one, m advise is to treasure them as they will be able to add loads of value to you that you may not have heard of from anyone.

The next time you come into contact with any real estate agent, look out for the value-adding traits. You will not regret it and last but not least, the commission you are going to pay them is definitely worth millions. Till then, stay tuned… Awesome! :)

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