611 Real Estate Salesperson Applications Rejected

SINGAPORE: The Council for Estate Agencies (CEA) has rejected 611 individuals applying to be real estate salespersons.

In a written reply to a parliamentary question, National Development Minister Mah Bow Tan said 392 were rejected as the applicants had neither taken CEA-endorsed exams, nor completed at least three property transactions over the last two years.

Mr Mah added that these applicants can apply to register with CEA when they meet the necessary requirements.

The other applications were rejected as they did not fulfil CEA’s “fit and proper” criteria, due to reasons such as having previous convictions of serious offences such as fraud, illegal money-lending or drug-trafficking.

Mr Mah said these criteria are in place to protect consumer interest.

He added that in evaluating whether the applicants can be allowed to work as salespersons, CEA would take into consideration the severity of the offences and when they were committed.

As of January 31, CEA had granted licences to 1,386 estate agents and 31,169 salespersons.

Those not granted registration will not be allowed to practice.

Source -CNA/wk

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One Response to 611 Real Estate Salesperson Applications Rejected

  1. Shan-Shan says:

    One of the CEA Regulations, salespersons are not allowed to collect comm.from both sides (Dual Representation which is Conflict of Interest), but surprisingly there are still many agents are doing so.

    I had a very bad experience lately. Saw an agent from some D** company marketing for a rental unit for the landlord, & when I called, viewed and wanted to make an offer… This agent asked me for comm. I told him this was Dual Representation as he was marketing for landlord & should not be asking comm from me. And in the end, my offer was rejected by some crap reasons. Just because I did not agree to pay comm.

    This kind of behaviour should be considered as did not fulfil CEA’s “fit and proper” criteria, isn’t it?

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