Property Investment In Malaysia

Property investment in Malaysia has recently seen an increased in numbers from foreign countries.  Much are due to the attractive benefits the Malaysian government implemented to ensure property investment in Malaysia does provide a positive experience. Regardless whether you are a foreign or local investor,  all are subject to and benefit from the same property rights. A small percentage of land mainly in the rural areas are reserved for the indigenous people (Malay Reserve land) and cannot be owned or purchased by the non-native locals or foreigners. Most properties that are investment generating lie predominantly in the urban areas of the larger cities like Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Malacca and Johor Bahru (adjoining Singapore) and have no ownership restrictions.

Apart from just investing in the said prime areas of Malaysia, financing is also available for foreign investors. For the potential purchaser to qualify he must show proof of possessing some source of income to enable repayment.

There is an increase in foreigners interested in investing and moving to Malaysia. Some of them invest in Malaysia because of the attractive scheme that the government implemented called the Malaysia My 2nd Home (MM2H) Programme and others come in for investment purposes or move to Malaysia to take up a job or even retire.

The Forex (Foreign Exchange) rates with many countries also made it very attractive to invest in the properties as prices becomes very affordable as compared to other major cities or developed countries like; China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and London.

However, it is the responsibility of any prospective investor to do their due diligence before embarking in any property investors. Talk to people who have invested or well versed with the market. Investing in city areas are usually a wise thing to do, as it is in the prime areas of high demand, schools, expats working in the city, financial hub, embassies, highways, and nearby train stations.

Happy investing… Awesome! :)

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