KL MRT To Boost Its Economy

When Singapore first started back in 1987, I remember riding the brand spanking new train in awe thinking of wow, if only we had this back home there would be much less traffic. Many many years later, the LRT made its debut here in Malaysia. It runs parallel with the KTM Komuter service service the city’ public transport system with the buses hitting the roads.

I for one felt that it was not good enough, there was still huge numbers of cars on the road and the poor service, not so frequent service and the always delaying KTM Komuter service didn’t do enough. So almost 25 years after our friendly neighbors, the government of Malaysia has decided to bring the MRT to Malaysia.

If your not sure what these acronyms stand for : LRT – Light Rail Transit

MRT – Mass Rapid Transit

Yes, we started light and now we are going heavy. It was the other way round in Singapore, they started with the back bone MRT plan and used the LRT to reach the parts where it was hard to reach due to size or the volume from the areas.

But hey, thats planning for you and i would have preferred MRT then LRT but like they say, better late than never isnt it.

Now about the project , the RM36.6 billion which starts on the 16th of July this year until 2016 runs from Sungai Buloh and Kajang via a 51km line which will pass through Kuala Lumpur’s city centre . There have been numerous public talks,displays, briefings and consultations for the project before it went “live” but i sure hope that its well planned and its well thought off . The minor details could make this project work out well in the long haul, parking , station accessibility are some that i can think off.

You can check out the full map and how it integrates with the other systems that we have now and visit the website for more info

Source – Star News

In the next 10 years, KL would be very different and be compared to another Singapore, where standards of living is as competitive. Today, it is still under valued as far as property investment is concerned. Is it the right time to enter the KL market? The answer is obvious.

Awesome! :)

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