Why Invest In Kuala Lumpur?

In the current global economic situation, many are speculating that things looked “gloomy”.  Many said that due to the recent stock market crash, many foresee the downfall of the property market as well, both in Singapore, Malaysia and globally.

Is this all true? What are the factors or criteria they based on? Or is it too much of coffee shop gossips that most people “concluded” that this would be the case? Most people only focus on the negatives but not the positive. Let us explore a bit closer as to why I feel that Kuala Lumpur (KL) is a potential location to invest in.

Firstly, Malaysia is also adopting the Singapore concept of attracting foreigners who are innovative to contribute to the economy, entrepreneurs, mentors and super mentors so as to serve as a strong platform for KL.

On 8 Jul 2011, the Malaysia government officially confirmed that they are proceeding to build the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) Blue NE to SW Line. This stretches from Sungei Buloh to Kajang. It will have about 30 stations by then…

Also, studying the KL land mass, Bukit Bintang is projected to be the next up and coming area to live or invest in. Why?

Bukit Bintang is potentially a GOLD MINE! The following reasons may be useful to take note of.

1. Proximity to major projects and shopping malls

2. Unusable land in north of Golden Triangle due to Malay reserves land

3. Land beyond the elevated Ampang highway affects the smooth flow of development

4. 3 MRT stations with an interchange station nearby

5. Bukit Binjang will be the next Icon like Orchard Road or the 5th Avenue.

Looking at the projection of plans does bring along lots of excitement in the near future. For more details of the above plans, stay tuned for more updates…

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  1. Johnny Tan says:

    Lawrence Poh has a huge appetite for property research. Without fail, he always conduct extensive research and due diligence that identifies fundamental and key drivers influencing the mid-term and long-term of worthy projects to invest. He has done most of the important ground work for investors and we only need to apply the logic and further verification. Always ready to share his findings, knowledge and advise without reservation. Kudos to Lawrence and certainly wish him the very best in his work and believe. – Johnny Tan

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