KLIFD For A Greater Kuala Lumpur

A Global City
Kuala Lumpur, a global city rich in diverse cultures and heritage, has long been the pillar and the face of Malaysia.

National Key Economic Area
Today, the Government of Malaysia has designated Greater Kuala Lumpur/Klang Valley (Greater KL) as a National Key Economic Area (NKEA). The city is identified as the driver of rapid economic growth, propelling the country to high-income economy.

As an NKEA, Greater KL will receive prioritised Government support including funding, top talent and the Prime Minister’s attention. It will benefit from policy reforms such as the removal of barriers to competition and market liberalisation.

In addition to dedicated focus from the Prime Minister, Greater KL and will have fast-track mechanism to resolve disputes or bottlenecks.

KLIFD for a Greater KL
KLIFD aims to deliver on the    aspiration for Greater KL to drive  rapid growth in parallel with upgrading the city’s liveability.KLIFD aims to attract and connect businesses as well as talent through new strategic developments and best global services.It will have a twin city, Bandar Malaysia, a short distance away.Multinational companies will be encouraged to locate their global or regional headquarters in Greater KL. This will be supported by dedicated programmes to grow Greater KL’s population to 10 million by 2020, with a focus on higher-value jobs.KLIFD will offer the right incentives as well as create the right business opportunities to bring in multinationals.There will be strong emphasis on quality of life appealing to the talent needed to support a Greater KL.KLIFD will also spearhead a greener Greater KL with green spaces, sustainable buildings, limited motor vehicle usage, large tranquil parks coupled with rooftop gardens and solid waste management eco-system.

Source: 1MDB

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