KLIFD Incentives

Excerpt from the 2012 BUDGET Speech by Prime  Minister, YAB Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak


24. To accelerate the development of Kuala Lumpur International Financial District (KLIFD), the Government proposes the following incentive package:

  • Income tax exemption of 100% for a period of 10 years and stamp duty  exemption  on  loan  and  service  agreements  for KLIFD  status companies.
  • Industrial Building Allowance and Accelerated Capital Allowance for KLIFD Marquee Status Companies.
  • Income tax exemption of 70% for a period of 5 years for property developers in KLIFD.

Source – 1MDB

Awesome! :)


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  1. Ang Kim Yong says:

    Another money making opportunity..

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