Why Invest In Chiang Mai?

Strategically position in Northern Thailand, Chiang Mai is Thailand’s second most important city . With 8 universities and more than 100,000 students, several international schools, 17 consulates, and excellent medical facilities, Chiang Mai is increasingly becoming a city of international reputation. The city’s investor-friendly policies and skilled workforce attract more and more foreign investors every year.

In addition to the accessibility of local talent, investors cite comparatively low living and labour costs, a high standard of living, creativity, loyalty, culture and lifestyle as the main reasons for investing in Chiang Mai. The availability of schools – international and bilingual (Japanese, German, English, American, Chinese) -, and the well-connected International Airport make Chiang Mai the perfect place to do business.

The CMCC Development Committee works with its members to continue to make Chiang Mai more attractive to investors and businesses. The CMCC initiative sees involvement from the main universities of Chiang Mai. Their goals are to further improve the quality and availability of talent in Chiang Mai and Northern Thailand and to support local industries through academic and consultation services, collaborative R&D projects, training and knowledge sharing.

Most government and private sector agencies and associations are also members of the CMCC Development Committee and work closely together to support investors and make Chiang Mai even more attractive.

The Technology Development Center for Industry (TDCI) at Chiang Mai University functions as the point of contact and secretariat of the CMCC Development Committee.

The key universities in Chiang Mai are:

Source – CMCC

Food for thought:

Chiang Mai is also a get away from the busy cosmopolitan city like Bangkok. It’s richness in the nature and mountains is indeed a therapeutic and soul calming place, where many people would love to live in.  You need to visit this lovely place to experience first hand what it is like to live within nature. Indeed Awesome! :)

All foreigners who are planning to invest in Chiang Mai, or Thailand in general, can get resource information from the Thailand Board of Investment (BOI).


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