Don’t Invest In Bangkok?

There is a mixed feeling concerning the real estate market in both Singapore and the international markets. Part of the reasons for the Singapore market can be contributed to the rising prices of properties here, causing speculators to think that the market may be nearing the bearish state.

The not so good news in the media does play a significant influence to many who just follow the “trend” in any investment. You can hear this almost in every coffee shop during the morning coffee session “update”.

Across the Eastern side, many speculate that the everlasting Euro crisis would soon be tumbling down, thus resulting in a real estate “crash” and by then many can go in for a “killing”. Many of such speculations, unfortunately, may not have much sound analysis, but indeed may have great influence on many people.





















Closer to home, the real estate market in Bangkok may have affected some investors to give a miss due to the concern of the current political and environmental situation, such as last year’s flood. However, if you have been there long enough to study and observe Bangkok and Chiang Mai, you would notice that it is thriving and is a good location to consider real estate investment.

The demand is good, coupled with the good forex and relatively low cost to own a property there. Enter the market when not many people have the confidence while you see the potential. Do not enter when it reaches its peak performance as you are paying a high price for the same product. To understand more on why invest in Thailand, you can email me at and I will share with you how I invest. Invest in your Financial Education and increasing your Financial IQ to achieve financial freedom.

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