Singapore Real Estate Investment

The real estate investment like the stock market, revolves in cycles. It is interesting to note that while the stock market becomes bearish, response from the public and the professionals are that it is part of the market’s technical correction.

On the contrary, when the real estate market moves downwards, it is deemed by the professionals or the public that it is going to crash. What an irony, as why would people say it is going to crash and not regard it as a “technical correction”? 

It is probably the intent of people wanting to “control” the market or due to other motivation. It is therefore, important to note that real estate is a hard asset investment, while stocks, bonds and mutual funds are paper assets. In the long run, hard assets will always be stable and within control, while paper assets will always be beyond our control. What we are lacking is the necessary financial education to investment.

So what is the trend now? In my opinion, I would be looking at investment in the city fringe properties (if not in the city area) as they are the current icon and there is great potential to growth as demonstrated in the current picture and drive.

So where are some of the projects that we can look at in the city fringe? Stay tuned as I will touch a bit more in our next discussion. Awesome! :)

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    • Hi pc games, thanks so much for your comment and I will continue to provide you regular updates on real estate trends, development and other area of interest on a global perspective relating to the market. Stay tuned for more updates. Awesome!

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  3. Jack Yu says:

    Awesome sharing, Lawrence! City-centre and city-fringe properties are the way to go!

  4. Doofmann says:

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  5. An excellent site full of useful information. I am just finishing work on my property investment guide site and I will keep calling back to get help and hopefully pass on some helpful hints and tips.

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