DAP Wins All 19 Seats In Penang

Democratic Action Party (DAP) has won all 19 seats it contested in Penang, state chief minister Lim Guan Eng has announced.

The announcement was made by Mr Lim to reporters at his Air Putih operations centre. This makes it almost certain that Pakatan Rakyat (PR) has retained Penang, which has 40 seats in its state assembly.

This also maintains the clean sweep the DAP achieved in 2008.

After declaring the news to applause by supporters, he also hit out at Barisan Nasional-friendly groups that had spent a lot of money organising free dinners and lucky draws almost daily for Penang locals.

He said that local Penangites had used their “righteous strength to defeat dirty politics”.

“(This is a blow) to those who want to undermine the people’s faith and trust in democracy and their future,” he said.

Meanwhile, on the BN’s side, chief Teng Chang Yeow lost to incumbent Ong Chin Wen from Parti Keadilan Rakyat.

Mr Teng, who is Gerakan’s secretary-general, had been hopeful of making a comeback in this election by contesting in Bukit Tengah, a seat deemed as winnable by the BN.

Source – New Straits Times

Food for thought: With the victory of Penang’s election, what can we expect it to affect the property market in Penang? Another 5 years of good governance? More growth in the state? It may be a good time to seriously reflect and consider and look at the bigger picture of the potential of investing in Penang. Awesome! “)

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