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China’s Recent Cooling Measures May Benefit Foreign Property Developers

SINGAPORE: Property firm City Developments (CDL) says it is looking at up to seven property projects in China. And its wholly-owned Chinese subsidiary CDL China believes that these projects have a strong chance of coming to fruition. Analysts say that … Continue reading

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Boutique Apartment – Lifestyle Living

While smaller hotel owners and operators may find it challenging to compete with the big boys from the hotel chain and fighting for the pie, they resorted to something more creative; the Boutique Hotels. Generally, smaller in size but not … Continue reading

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Bigger Than GCB?

When we talk about investing real estate in Singapore, we normally refer to either Housing Development Board (HDB) units, condominiums, landed properties; ie. Terrace house, Semi-D, Bungalows or the most prestige houses, the Good Class Bungalows (GCB). This is meant … Continue reading

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Is Inflation Hitting Us Yet?

If you look around the busy streets in either Orchard Road or in the Central Business District (CBD), you will probably agree with me that life seems “normal” and people are still spending. Perhaps, little do many know that inflation … Continue reading

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Value Or Service?

It is often said that good service is important from the customers’ point of view. This applies to all types of service industry. This is especially true in the fast pace,  society in Singapore, where many people do not have … Continue reading

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Bungalows Frenzy

Again, the bungalows have hit the headlines! This time the “award” goes to the Good Class Bungalows (GCB). The latest record for these coveted category hit a new record high of S$1.85b for 2010, as compared to S$1.721b in 2009. … Continue reading

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Which Is Better? New Or Size?

Buying or investing in any residential property in Singapore is becoming more and challenging these days. Not only must one contest about the price, size is also another crucial factor to consider. For some, it is definitely one of the … Continue reading

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