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Why Invest in Off-plan Properties in Thailand?

Investment properties can be either condominiums or land & house, with some basic principles applying in each case when buying off-plan, but for ease of reference and clarity, we shall deal with condominiums within this section. If you are looking … Continue reading

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Thai Rental Properties And Personal Income Tax

Foreign investors looking to purchase rental properties in Thailand will often have the choice of purchasing the property in their own name or in an offshore company. The preferred ownership structure will require a careful analysis of the respective costs … Continue reading

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Rental Income Tax – Thailand Compared To Continent

Bangladesh 25.00% Malaysia 22.42% Georgia 20.00% Taiwan 20.00% Indonesia 20.00% Vietnam 20.00% Singapore 15.13% Kazakhstan 15.00% Azerbaijan 14.00% Cambodia 14.00% Hong Kong 12.16% India 8.11% Sri Lanka 6.62% Philippines 5.13% Pakistan 5.00% China 5.00% Thailand 3.80% South Korea 2.48% Japan … Continue reading

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